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Whether you are a new fan of Jane Austen or a life-long aficionado, we welcome you to join us!  

Benefits of JASNA membership include:

  • a subscription to JASNA News, a member newsletter published four times a year

  • a subscription to the well-respected annual literary journal Persuasions

  • the opportunity to attend the Annual General Meeting, a three-day celebration of Jane Austen’s writings, life, and times held in a different North American city every year

For more information on JASNA, please visit

Wisconsin Region

To become a member of the Wisconsin Region, you need to first join JASNA. If you live in Wisconsin, you will automatically become a member of the Wisconsin Region. If you live outside of Wisconsin, you can select Wisconsin as one of your two additional regions.

Once you are a Wisconsin member, you are welcome to attend all of our events and activities. Our annual events include:

  • A spring gala

  • A celebration of summer with a Box Hill picnic (just like in Emma)

  • A fall event

  • A December luncheon to toast Jane Austen’s birthday

We hold in person events as well as virtual events on Zoom in order to provide a variety of options to our members near and far.

Wisconsin has three geographical groups that hold additional events, and you are welcome to participate in any of the activities and events of all groups. The Madison & Western Wisconsin, Milwaukee & Southeastern Wisconsin, and Northern Wisconsin (aka The North Woods) groups hold local book clubs and other activities. Once you join JASNA-Wisconsin, you will be automatically added to the sub-regional group closest to your location, but you can read about all of them and reach out to the VPs on Groups page.

We communicate with all of our members via email, so expect to receive event information and blog updates digitally. You can also follow us on Facebook for Austen-related news and blogs!


The Board is elected by the members of JASNA-Wisconsin and each position serves a two-year term.


Regional Coordinator

Vicki Teal


Janet Johnson

Recording Secretary

Bethany Perkins

Membership Secretary

Merri Cvetan

Chair, Milwaukee & Southeastern WI

Judy Beine

Chair, Madison & Western WI

Phyllis Menne

Chair, Northern WI

Tracy Fernandez Rysavy

Program Chair

Brooke Furmanek

Communications Chair

Katie Marks

Past Regional Coordinator

Kim Wilson


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